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The Adventist Church in Tasmania updates it's online brand

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Quality Design

When you think of quality design, what comes to mind? Beautiful aesthetics? A clean and uncluttered interface? Sure. And I take the time needed to provide these. But I go further. You see, good design encompasses more than just looks. It's about ease of use. It's about effectively communicating a message, and supporting that message through design, while conveying the right feel.

I make websites using user-centered and goal-centered design. This means that your new website will be tailored to give your users what they are there for – all the while steering them toward your goals.

Simple Management

Utilizing the power of WordPress as a Content Management System, your website can not only work great for your visitors, it can be a breeze to maintain by you and your staff. With simple and easy updates through a user friendly admin interface, if you know how to edit a document you can edit your website. No coding knowledge required.

As WordPress is one of the most popular CMS's in the world, developed by a thriving open source community, you can rest assured that the technology running your website will be solid, secure, and growing better by the day.

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