it’s when things get rough that I spend more time in prayer…
but then, it’s when I’m submerged and can’t breathe that I realize just how precious and needful air is…

so I don’t want to start a single day without thanking God that I’m alive,
without getting on my knees and inviting Him to be a part of my day

because without His leading, I will stumble
without His guidance, I will fall

but I gain the strength to stand by falling to my knees
because God takes my weakness, and makes it His strength

I can stand before the mighty because I can kneel before the Almighty,
I can stand for the right because I know my wrongs are washed away

and though the storms may beat me
though temptation may try to suffocate me

I will continue to breathe

I will continue to stand
and I will continue to walk

I will continue to run
and I will never look back

because my past is behind me
my sins are forgotten

my future is ahead of me
and I press toward that mark

the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus


Category: Christianity